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NI AWR Software Featured at EuMW2019 During Prof. Ricketts Hands-On Course Within the European Microwave Doctoral School

Aug 28, 2019

NI AWR software will be an integral part of the European Microwave Week 2019 (EuMW) European Microwave Doctoral School two-day program, which focuses on emerging technologies for reconfigurable radio and hands-on practice. Professor David S. Ricketts of North Carolina State University will present a half-day course, “Building a Modern Digital Transceiver in One Day,” using the NI AWR Design Environment platform, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software.
This is the fourth year of the European Microwave Doctoral School, following the success of previous editions, and Prof. Ricketts’ hands-on course using NI AWR software has become a permanent fixture of the program. The school offers Ph.D. students an overview of various emerging technologies beyond the normal conference program and attendees receive graduate school credit through the hosting university.
Also in its fourth year at EuMW is a two-day European Microwave Student School for undergraduate and master’s degree students, where Prof. Ricketts will teach the same hands-on workshop and the undergraduate students will collaborate with the doctoral school students to build a modern digital transceiver.
The European Microwave Doctoral School program and Student School program will take place October 1-2 at EuMW in Paris. For more information and to register for the doctoral school, visit For more information and to register for the student school, visit