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Richardson RFPD Engineers Address Automotive SDARS Design Challenges With NI AWR Software

Nov 14, 2019


Crosstalk (coupling) between antenna elements in an automobile antenna module is one of the most critical and challenging issues engineers are facing and struggling to overcome. Richardson Electronics designers were tasked with developing a robust low-noise amplifier (LNA) lineup for a satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) antenna that would have higher immunity to external interfering signals. The designers used Microwave Office circuit design software, inclusive of the network synthesis wizard and iFilter™ integrated filter synthesis wizard, to simulate the complete LNA circuit.

“The stability analysis and optimization features of NI AWR software are very powerful and efficient in yielding the desired results,” said Elias Ghafari, Richardson RFPD engineer. “These features combined with the network synthesis and iFilter wizards enabled a fast turnaround time between simulation and bench testing.”

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