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Russian University Students Design Novel Component Structures Using NI AWR Software

Feb 20, 2019


Students from Saratov Chemyshevsky State and Moscow Technical University designed novel structures for RF components using the NI AWR Design Environment platform, which is available to member universities through the NI AWR University Program

Saratov professor Alexander Khvalin co-authored with student and now RF engineer Alexey Voroblev a paper describing the development of a design method for an ultra-high frequency (UHF) antenna RF power amplifier (PA) based on structural and parametrical optimization. “NI AWR software is a powerful EDA tool capable of simulating a complete functional device inclusive of microstrip layout,” said Khvalin. “The intuitive user interface and efficient optimization engine were key to the success of this project.”

Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics (MTUCI) undergraduate student I. N. Kirilov and graduate student/Assistant Professor O.V. Arinin investigated a new type of filter structure and simulated a highly selective microstrip microwave filter on that basis. “The ease of use of the NI AWR Design Environment platform enables my students to quickly get the first results and makes it an ideal tool for skill learning and development,” said Assistant Professor Oleg Arinin.