Advanced Load-Pull for Linear PA Design

Technical Education Webinar Series - Free 1 Hour Webinar

Presented by: Andy Hughes, NI, AWR Group
Hosted by: Microwave Journal

Modern modulation schemes have high peak to average power ratios (PAPR) that can drive a power amplifier deep into saturation leading to distortion that results in spectral spreading of the signal causing adjacent channel interference. The linearity/efficiency problem can be overcome with a variety of methods including the use of high compression-point PAs, amplifier linearization techniques and proper impedance matching as determined through load-pull analysis. 
Load pull analysis sweeps the impedance presented to a device, measuring performance, and plotting the resultant performance contours. Recently EDA tools have added capabilities to deal with complex sets of load pull data. This presentation shows how these new features support digitally-modulated communication measurements such as ACPR, EVM and BER can be contoured, to provide further impedance optimization and provide insight to the impact of varying load conditions.

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