Antenna Synthesis for IoT MIMO with AntSyn and Microwave Office

Technical Education Webinar Series - Free 1 Hour Webinar

Presented by: Dr. Derek S. Linden
Hosted by: Microwave Journal

Antenna synthesis makes antenna design much faster and easier, enabling greater exploration of design tradespaces, more what-if studies, and extensive comparisons between various antenna designs to ensure the best design is chosen. This webinar will show the development of a compact IoT dual-band Wi-Fi MIMO array using commercial software that supports antenna synthesis from electrical specifications. It will describe how to determine the initial specifications, explore the design space, and obtain optimized antennas from the synthesis tool. Attendees will also learn how to import the antenna geometry and materials details into a circuit design environment to explore and verify performance, as well as prepare the antenna design for production and prototyping. Advanced topics such as phased-array and multi-function antenna design will also be presented.

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