Complete X-Band 2x2 Phased-Array Antenna Design and Simulation

Date/Time: Nov 7, 2018 | 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET/ 4 p.m. GMT
Presented by: Benny Haddad, AWR Group, NI
Hosted by: National Instruments
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This  webinar will discuss the design flow of a 2x2 phased-array antenna with a T/R module operating in the 8-12 GHz frequency range using the unique phased-array modeling capabilities available within the NI AWR Design Environment platform. The T/R module is packaged using LTCC technology and includes an embedded MMIC PA and LNA, as well as several vendor models and passive components such as filters. The design will highlight the use of system-level characterization and RF-circuit design software for schematic entry and layout, as well as EM simulation of the interconnects and bondwire transitions. Each antenna is excited by a separate module composed of a PCB as the mother board, an LTCC substrate for embedded passive components and as a platform for the MMIC and dies, a MMIC for the PA, a PA driver, a phase shifter, an attenuator, vendor components/ internally designed components, transitions such as bondwires, MLIN - SLIN, and an antenna.

Presenter Bio:
Benny Haddad is an applications engineer at AWR Group, NI, where he specializes in RF system, passive and active circuit, and EM designs. Before joining the company in 2013, Benny was an application engineer for RDT and prior to that an RF engineer at Alvarion and Mini Circuit. Benny holds a BSc degree from the Technion, Israel.