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Conquer Radio Frequency eBook

Conquer Radio Frequency, authored by Dr. Francesco Fornetti of Bristol University in the UK, is a multimedia conceptual guide to RF and microwave engineering built around AWR software video tutorials.

The materials include a full-color textbook and over 12 hours of videos designed to further educate the engineering student or junior professional. It enables the student to achieve a good understanding of the foundation theory and concepts behind high-frequency circuits and illustrates the most common design and simulation techniques for passive and active RF circuits.

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About the Author

Dr. Fornetti's vision on academic teaching is that it should not be seen as simply a transfer of knowledge and notions between the instructor and the student. He sees it instead as the process of stimulating curiosity and creating enthusiasm about a subject in a way that encourages, inspires, and enables students to explore the subject beyond classroom walls. He also believes that the wide availability of powerful simulation tools, new technology, and broadband internet access sets academic teaching tfree from the static setting of a classroom and the black and white pages of a textbook. In particular, in the field of RF engineering where laboratory work would be impractical, he feels that simulations and animations should be an integral part of teaching. They not only give students the knowledge to experiment with circuits on the simulator but also explain abstract concepts in a more conceptual and visual way.