Demystifying MIMO Radar and Conventional Equivalents

Presented by: Dr. Eli Brookner
Sponsored by: National Instruments

MIMO radars can provide orders of magnitude better angle resolution and accuracy than conventional radars, and MIMO airborne ground moving target indicator (GMTI) radars can provide better minimum detectable velocity (MDV). However, the MIMO array can be used as a conventional array and provides the same resolution, accuracy and MDV. This webinar provides physical insight into the MIMO radar, conventional equivalents, and tradeoffs between the two. Topics include architecture of the transmit and receive arrays, performance of the MIMO radar, including resolution, accuracy, and grating lobes, the MIMO array as a conventional radar and the resulting performance, waveform requirements for MIMO and conventional radars, the MIMO architecture for GMTI and resulting performance (minimum detectable velocity, coherent dwell time, aperture size), MIMO array versus conventional equivalent for barrage jammer, repeater jammer or hot clutter jammer cancellation, and signal processing load for MIMO array versus its conventional equivalent.

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