Application Note

Design and Matching of a 60-GHz Printed Antenna Using AWR Software and AWR Connected for Optenni

Impedance matching of high-frequency components is a key part of antenna design that ensures maximum transfer of power between the antenna and the transmitter/receiver circuitry. Antennas can be tuned to resonate at the desired frequencies much more quickly and efficiently by first designing a matching circuit rather than by making modifications to the antenna’s physical dimensions.  This application note describes a unique design flow using AWR software and the AWR Connected™ for Optenni third-party solution to design and match a 60-GHz printed antenna. The flow combines Microwave Office for RF/microwave circuit simulation and AXIEM for planar EM analysis with Optenni Lab™ matching circuit software, providing an integrated workflow that accelerates antenna design and integration with other front-end components.

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