Microwave Filter Design: Narrowband Cavity Combline Filter

Presented by: Dan Swanson from DGS Associates, LLC
Hosted by: National Instruments

This webinar given by Dan Swanson from DGS Associates showcases a narrowband, high-Q cavity combline filter design example using the NI AWR Design Environment platform and SW Filter Design software.

  • Step 1 determines the required coupling coefficients and external Q for the filter.
  • Step 2 defines a suitable resonator that has enough unloaded Q to meet the insertion loss requirement.
  • Step 3 builds design curves that relate coupling coefficients and external Q to physical dimensions in the filter.
  • Step 4 builds a virtual prototype of the complete filter and applies port tuning. The port tuning procedure demonstrates how to adjust each resonator frequency and all the couplings between resonators, including cross couplings.
  • Step 5 builds a two-port EM model of the filter and confirms that specifications are met.

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