Modern Trends in Broadband Diode Mixers

Presented by: Christopher Marki, Director of Operations, Marki Microwave Inc.
Sponsored by: National Instruments

Marki Microwave’s diode mixer technology has roots that date back nearly half a century. Modern trends in reducing SWAP and increasing linearity to higher frequencies have pushed mixer technology to new heights. This talk compares some of the key technologies Marki Microwave has pursued to achieve these goals including our high linearity T3 mixers, our patented Microlithic® mixers, and MMIC mixers. We will also highlight our novel mixer modeling capabilities and showcase the accuracy and convenience that is possible using physics-based nonlinear mixer models within the NI AWR Design Environment/ Microwave Office software. Attendees of this webinar will gain a general understanding of the current state of frequency mixers (from DC to mmW) and how modern applications and requirements (both military and commercial) will influence mixer evolution over the next decade.

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