Phased-Array Design Flow for MIMO and Beam-Steering Applications

Presented by: Dr. John Dunn, Cadence
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Phased-array antennas, well-known for their use in radar and aerospace systems, are now seeing greater use in commercial applications. Multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO) and beam-steering phased-arrays are enabling technologies for achieving over-the-air spatial efficiency called for by 5G and emerging radar applications such as self-driving cars. The commercialization of this antenna technology will require novel antenna designs/array configurations in order to tackle stringent electrical requirements for beam-steering angle, effective radiated power, side lobes, and more, as well as size constraints. This webinar introduces a new simulation tool that guides engineers through the design, analysis, and physical realization of these new arrays, incorporating real-world radiation patterns, RF links, and the effects of mutual coupling and other hardware impairments. The user-friendly interface defines the array configuration and performs the initial phased-array simulation. An interactive 3D-array response display supports tweaking of a phased-array design to obtain the desired response, as well as integration with a native electromagnetic (EM) simulator for design validation.

Presenter Bio:
Dr. John Dunn, a widely recognized expert in EM modeling and simulation for high-frequency and high-speed circuit applications, is the EM technologist at AWR, where he develops and presents AWR software training material to customers worldwide. Before joining AWR, he was head of the interconnect modeling group at Tektronix and a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he led a research group in EM simulation and modeling. Dr. Dunn received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in applied physics from Harvard University and is a senior member of the IEEE.