Practical Simulation and Design of Broadband GaN RF Power Amplifiers – How Close are we to Right First Time Now?

Presented by: Dominic FitzPatrick, Specialist Consultant in RF and Microwave Amplifier Design, PoweRFul Microwave
Sponsored by: National Instruments

Those with little experience of RF design are often puzzled when experienced engineers will put a number of design iterations in a project plan. “Don’t you know what you’re doing” has been a question put. In response, engineers will often complain about the lack of information on the parts that they are using, that it isn’t like we aren’t trying to get it right!

We have come a long way from designing amplifiers from a set of small signal S-parameters (that we had no idea as to how representative of production devices they were) and tuning on the bench. This webinar, through the design and test of a 100 to 1000 MHz 100 W amplifier, will hope to show that with the latest generation of nonlinear device models, fast and accurate simulation tools, attention to detail and a good understanding of device operation, we can get very close to the predicted device performance on the first prototype.

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