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X-Band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation and Measurement

X-Band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation and Measurement, authored by Kenneth Puglia, is a comprehensive eBook that explores the push-push oscillator configuration via harmonic balance (HB) computer simulation and test measurement. The unique operation of the push-push oscillator configuration is explored using HB simulation of spectral content and time-domain voltage waveforms. Dynamic load lines are investigated and utilized to explore peak signal excursion and degree of nonlinearity. Predictions of power output, phase noise, voltage control, and harmonic content are compared with measured data.

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About the Author
Kenneth Puglia is the founder and principal engineer of E X H Consulting Services, an independent consultancy for radar sensors, frequency synthesis, up/down converters, and microwave subsystems and components. Prior to starting his own consultancy in 2009, Mr. Puglia held numerous positions over his 38-year career with M/A-Com, including Fellow of Technology. Prior to joining M/A-Com, he was a design engineer with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Mr. Puglia is the author of numerous published articles in industry trade magazines, including Microwave Journal. He graduated from University of Massachusetts, Lowell with a BSEE degree and received his MSEE from Northeastern University in 1971.

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