Expanded Analyst 3D finite-element method (FEM) EM technology for multi-physics applications

3D MP Analysis

Analyst-MP™ software leverages the core capabilities of Analyst EM technology, targeting large MP applications like particle accelerators. The Analyst-MP solver is the result of decades of development in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense/Energy (DOD/DOE), where this powerful software is employed to analyze extremely complex high-frequency, multi-physics structures at nearly all U.S. national labs and accelerators.

The Analyst-MP Advantage

Perform field and particle analysis of complex 2D and 3D components.


Address diverse EM analysis challenges with multiple solver technologies.


Automatic, adaptive 3D volumetric tetrahedron-based meshing for reliable simulation results.

Features at a Glance

  • Layout/Drawing Editor – 2D and 3D construction and views
  • FEM Solver – Full-wave, quasi-static, and multi-physics solvers
  • Meshing Technology – Automatic, adaptive 3D volumetric tetrahedron-based meshing
  • Visualization – 2D and 3D field visualization, as well as results post-processing
  • Parametric Studies – Optimization, tuning, and yield analysis
  • Spectral/Domain Decomposition – Supports enhanced simulation throughput of large problems 
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) – Multi-core configurations and asynchronous simulation 
  • MICHELLE Code – 3D finite-element gun and collector modeling code (option)


Cavities and Resonators

Simulate quality factor, eigenfrequencies, shunt impedance, and electric/magnetic/current density fields of resonant structures, as well as waveguide cavities, with the Analyst-MP eigenmode solver. The software supports user-specified conductivity for computation of power dissipation and cavity Q, lossy materials, periodic and symmetry boundary conditions, perfectly-matched layer (PML), and more.

Waveguides and Feed Structures

Obtain S-parameters and field calculations for frequency-driven structures such as waveguides, antennas and antenna feed structures excited at user-defined wave and lumped ports.

Particle Accelerators and Optics

Compute the emission and transport of charged particles in the presence of electro-static and magneto-static fields with 2D and 3D models for both equilibrium-flow particle trajectories and initial-value time-dependent beam trajectories. Analyst-MP software supports a variety of emission models, including space-charge-limited, temperature-limited and field-emission, an extensive facility for secondary emission, volumetric ion source model, and a charge exchange model.