Visual System Simulator

System simulation and modeling for wireless communications and radar system design
Visual System Simulator

Communications/Radar Systems 

Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) RF/wireless communications and radar system design software supports VSWR-aware modeling of RF and DSP blocks, providing time-domain, frequency-domain, and circuit-envelope analyses. With VSS, Tx/Rx designers are able to develop and optimize system architectures and determine component specifications for best overall performance. Users can simulate system metrics such as BER and EVM with pre-configured and user-defined virtual test benches, as well as identify the source of spurious products and other system impairments.

The VSS Advantage
Faster Design

RF-aware behavioral modeling for rapid architectural design, link analysis, and component specification.


Circuit and electromagnetic (EM) co-simulation to incorporate accurate component-level design into end-to-end communications system development.


Virtual test benches to modulate front-end components based on wireless communication standards and determine performance metrics.

Features at a Glance

  • Behavioral Models – Impedance mismatch incorporating the impact of component VSWR on system performance 
  • Circuit Envelope – Analysis of digitally-modulated RF circuits including EVM, BER, and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) simulations
  • Planning/Analysis Tools – Cascaded RF measurements, frequency planner (option), and spurious analysis 
  • Co-Simulation – With Microwave Office circuit design software
  • Test Benches – Wireless standards including 5G, LTE, narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT), and more
  • Libraries – Radar and 5G signals and waveforms, inclusive of test benches


    5G Communications

    Develop and test new algorithms and modulated waveforms within an RF-aware communication system to explore the impact of the front-end electronics and channel propagation on signal processing.

    System Architecture

    Conceptualize and rapidly implement end-to-end system designs from baseband through RF and over the air (OTA), performing link-budget analysis to define component requirements.

    Wireless Conformance 

    Simulate the performance and functionality of any wireless device in accordance with all main cellular communications, wireless connectivity, and broadband standards.

    Radar and Defense Systems

    Develop radar, electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasure (ECM), and electronic-support measure (ESM) system architectures, configure phased-array antennas, and simulate complex RF front ends.