What's New

New feature highlights in the latest release of the AWR Design Environment platform
What's New

RF-Aware Design

AWR software V14 improves engineering productivity with the introduction of powerful automation features to accelerate design starts, explore more design options, and better manage the development of complex, multi-technology RF/microwave electronics. This latest release introduces network synthesis technology that enables impedance matching of multi-band amplifiers and front-end components, advanced design editing/selection for fast EM verification of imported RF/mixed-signal PCBs, and the industry’s first phased-array generator wizard for antenna-array design. 

The V14 Advantage

V14 Highlights

Design Environment, Layout, and Automation

Advanced report/measurement management enables designers to track multiple simulation results simultaneously, manage measurement data sources and parameters from a single location, and create sets of linked reports in a single dashboard display. 

Simplified power amplifier (PA) measurements provide simplified plotting of nonlinear measurements such as gain compression or efficiency versus output power, a common method for presenting amplifier performance. 

PCB import wizard for layout editing adds new functionality to accelerate EM verification of designs created in board-layout tools from leading computer-aided design (CAD) vendors. Isolate areas of interest with powerful net and area selection for faster EM analysis. 

Enhanced iNet™ intelligent net routing addresses the need for rapid EM modeling and analysis of advanced modules utilizing heterogeneous structures and dense networks of high-frequency interconnects. 

System Simulation and Models/Libraries

Phased-array generator wizard helps designers define and analyze phased-array configurations and radiating elements ready for EM analysis by automatically generating the entire phased-array component in a hierarchical network, including the feed structure (combiner/divider), amplitude/phase control per radiating element, and the antenna array itself. 

Enhanced LTE and 5G New Radio (NR) libraries offer signals and test benches for narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) and signal generation and analysis for the latest 5G NR specifications. New projects include LTE and NB-IoT uplink coexistence receive (Rx) test benches.

Spatial channel models offer new WINNER II and 5G spatial channel models supporting link-budget analysis for rapid validation of end-to-end system performance and specification of individual component requirements.

Circuit Simulation and Models/Libraries

Network synthesis wizard generates optimal impedance-matching circuits of challenging, broad- and multi-band PAs and inter-stage matching between RF front-end components such as PAs and antennas. This feature combines with load-pull analysis and the new single-click plotting versus output power feature to provide PA designers with the insight to develop robust designs faster.

Updated tuning bar utilizes space-efficient horizontal sliders to improve large-scale parametric tuning of complex designs, while the updated property dialog improves control of element parameters. 

EM Simulation and Modeling

3D EM internal wave ports support characterization of complex monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) and RFIC structures with excitation ports that are not located on a defined simulation boundary. For PCB modeling, point ports provide greater accuracy by enabling exact placement of surface-mount technology (SMT) components, supporting frequency-dependent materials and providing the ability to solve inside metal structures. 

Planar-body wrapping supports modeling and EM analysis of conformal structures like embedded antennas found in consumer electronics and mobile and IoT devices. 


Current AWR software customers can download the V14.04 release today at the download site.

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