New Features by Release

V13 - January 2017

NI AWR Design Environment
(Microwave Office | 
Visual System Simulator™ | Analog Office | AXIEM | Analyst™)

  • PCB layout import (ODB++, IPC2851)
  • OpenAccess schematic import/export
  • Graph marker improvements
  • Guided help interactive documentation
  • 5G waveform library
  • System load-pull
  • Marching waveforms
  • Better IO for signals
  • Custom wave ports within Analyst
  • AXIEM and Analyst simulation speed improvements
  • EM Socket II architecture 
  • iFilter adds transmission zero

V12 - Summer 2015

NI AWR Design Environment
(Microwave Office | Analog Office) 

  • View measured data and design matching networks using swept load pull files
  • APLAC tuning and optimization speed enhancement
  • Improved simulation controls
  • Schematic editing, layout viewing and layout editing improvements
  • Sticky notes for schematics, system diagrams and graphs 
  • AWR Connected™ - STAN for nonlinear stability analysis
  • AWR Connected - DWT for enhanced DRC/LVS functionality
  • AWR Connected - HFSS for interconnect characterization

(Analyst | AXIEM)

  • Easier 3D EM setup
  • Improved 3D editor experience; geometry cleanup and STEP import for Analyst
  • Anisotropic dielectric materials supported within AXIEM 
  • Faster and more accurate simulation results
  • Visualize impact of circuits on antenna patterns

(Visual System Simulator)

  • Enhanced phased array block
  • Use real antenna data in system analysis
  • Simplified Microwave Office consistent VSS sources
  • Bidirectional blocks which simplify managing both transmit and receive systems
  • RF models auto-configuration option