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The e-Learning portal (login required) provides active customers and evaluators with immediate access to dozens of training videos the detail how to use the software and showcases design examples and advanced features and best practices. 

Topics covered include Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS), AXIEM, Analyst™, and AntSyn™ software, as well as specific features like harmonic balance (HB), electromagnetic (EM) stack-ups, and the RF PCB layout import wizard. 

Module Offerings

E-Learning Module User Experience Description
Microwave Office Overview Novice A five-part series designed to get users up and running quickly, from project creation to simulation to measurement graphs.
Harmonic Balance Novice A five-part series explaining how to set up and work with the APLAC HB simulator for nonlinear circuits. 
Layout Novice A four-part series covering layout and how to ensure all is set up correctly. 
Visual System Simulator Novice A six-part series introducing VSS system design software. 
AXIEM and Analyst Novice A six-part series covering the EM simulation capabilities within AWR Design Environment software.
Analyst Overview Novice A five-part series demonstrating the Analyst 3D finite element method (FEM) EM simulator.
Multi-Technology Advanced A six-part series for advanced users overviewing how Microwave Office software can be used for multi-technology designs.
Advanced EM Advanced A four-part series covering tips and tricks for setting up EM simulation more efficiently and effectively.
Planar EM In-Depth Advanced Part 1 of a multi-part series dives into the Microwave Office EM environment and use of the AXIEM simulator as the planar tool of choice. Additional segments look at augmenting EM with the Analyst simulator for preconfigured 3D PCells.
Antenna Synthesis Specialized A four-part series introducing AntSyn automated antenna synthesis technology.
PCB Design Specialized A six-part series demonstrating how to quickly and easily import a layout from commercial layout tools into Microwave Office circuit design software for EM simulation/verification. 
RF Link Design Specialized
This four-part video series demonstrates how to use the RF modeling capabilities in Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) system design software for RF link budget design and analysis.