A breadth and depth of technical information pertinent to AWR software products
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The KnowledgeBase (KB) contains a breadth of valuable information to help users design with AWR software products more productively. Developed by product experts, the KnowledgeBase offers videos, product documentation, guided help, examples, and additional resources to provide designers with key insights into using the software.

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Guided Help
Guided Help

Guided help content offers interactive tutorials on a variety of design topics, linking sample projects with detailed explanations and how-to utilities.

Latest Release
Latest Release

V15 of AWR software expedites design, from initial starts using powerful network synthesis to circuit/system and electromagnetic (EM) simulation technology for performance optimization.


The FAQ page has answers to frequently asked questions (A to Z) to help expedite design success for both new users and seasoned experts.

Additional Resources


Product documentation is available from the help menu or by pressing the F1 key from within the software. It is also available in PDF versions for download through the KB resource page.


Videos that explain specific features are organized by subject matter and product. The index, click here, is an excellent reference for performing basic and more advanced operations. Additional design/application videos are also featured on the AWR.TV YouTube Channel.


Demo Playground

A curated collection of guided-help examples are featured in the KB Demo Playground and showcase new capabilities in the latest release of AWR Design Environment software.


AWR software offers more than 400 example projects focused on helping users see what's possible and showing them how to do specific types of simulations. The KB has one page per example, click here, including a description and relevant images.

Design Flows

Explore how specific features and capabilities in the AWR software product portfolio combine to address a series of design (modeling and simulation) tasks in support of successful product development.

Test Benches

A library of virtual test benches is pre-configured to perform specific simulation measurements and generate related performance graphs. The guided help functionality in AWR Design Environment software enables the automatic import of the test bench objects into a current project with the push of a button.

Enhanced Automation


Scripting is a sophisticated way to customize the software, enabling designers to automatically perform user-created functions such as manipulating data, changing layouts, and creating custom graphs. For existing Visual Basic scripts, step-by-step instructions are included to create scripts and describe how to access all the information in a project.


A listing of factory-supplied scripts (utilities) provides extra automation of various design management and environment/project control.