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Ready access to resources that aid users as they get started with AWR software
Getting Started

Ready, Set, Go

AWR software is favored among RF engineers for its easy-to-use, intuitive interface and feature-rich design environment. For the new user, the AWR support team has created instructional eLearning videos, hands-on example projects, and a guide to key sections of the product documentation. The user guide describes how to use the AWR Design Environment windows, menus, components, and scripts in preparation for performing linear, nonlinear, and electromagnetic (EM) design, layout, and simulation. This document includes the installation guide, whats new, simulation guide, and more.

Helpful Resources

The e-Learning portal provides users with instructional videos illustrating how to perform basic and more advanced features in the software.  

Example Projects
Example Projects

The software provides users with more than 400 examples projects from which to learn how to enter designs, manage projects, and set up specific types of simulations.

Guided Help
Guided Help

These interactive tutorials help guide users through the basic getting-started steps for the various AWR software products. 

Get Started Guides

  • Microwave Office provides step-by-step examples that demonstrate how to use Microwave Office software to create circuit designs
  • Visual System Simulator provides step-by-step examples that demonstrate how to use Visual System Simulator (VSS) software to create system simulations and to incorporate Microwave Office circuit designs
  • Analyst provides step-by-step examples that demonstrate how to use Analyst  software to create and simulate 3D EM structures from Microwave Office software 
  • MMIC provides step-by-step examples that show you monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) features and designs

Machine ID/Licensing

  • Requirements page provides succint information on obtaining machine ID and where to go for additional licensing help